December 12, 2019


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When did you discover your passion for film? And what was the trigger? 

For me, the passion for film has more to do with the desire to tell stories. As a kid, I accidently broke a window. I didn’t want to get into trouble so I came up with a story in which there was a storm and a branch destroying the window. When I told it to my parents, they believed me and I didn’t get in trouble. I was happy and I realized the value of stories – that’s how my passion for storytelling came about. 

When did you realize that you want to be a director? 

At the age of 10 I saw “Jurassic Park” and was completely fascinated by the film. I also wanted to tell such great stories and wanted to know which profession I would have to learn to make movies. That’s why I bought my first “Making of” book, from which I learned that my dream job is called “director”. By the way, the book is still on my shelf today. 

Can you describe your first project? How did it go? And what would you do different now? 

My first “real” project was a short film at the beginning of my studies. Before, I had only realised one-man projects, but was still convinced that I knew what a director was doing. But standing at a studio set with a big team for the first time, I did not have a clue. I made an infinite number of mistakes during the shooting and felt useless afterwards. But when I realized afterwards that I had learned an incredible amount through it, I learned that mistakes don’t make you fail – they let you grow. 

Which of your works is your favorite? And why? 

“Wahre Gefühle” for Schauspiel Köln is my favourite project since it combines sound and vision in a fantastic way. The combination of an absurd plot, the outstanding sound design and the counteracting music is simply fun. 

What is the biggest dream for your professional life? 

Treasures, hidden rooms and secrets have always fascinated me. This is why my biggest dream is shooting an adventure film à la “Jurassic Park”, “Indiana Jones” or “The Goonies”. 

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