January 26, 2020

Sven Lippold

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Sven Lippold/DoP

 When did you discover your passion for film? And what was the trigger? 

During the early days at home in Leipzig, I would just tape loads of arthouse movies and animations from Arte, a German-French art channel, onto my vhs recorder. I have always been into foreign movies, different languages and cultures and I just wanted to get a taste of the world out there. 

When did you realize that you want to be a DoP? 

I knew that my profession had to be something related to art, music and some kind of visual language. I actually wanted to become a craftsman but didn’t know what to pursue in the first place. Then I discovered 35mm Stills Photography – and that triggered a creative nerve in me. 

I started out in the wrong field but changed my profession 5 years later when I went 

to study at the FAM, a TV Academy in Leipzig, and things slowly got into shape. 

Can you describe your first project? How did it go? And what would you do different now? 

My first project was a documentary about “wild Eastern Europe” which I shot in Ukraine and Poland for approximately 5 months. It was an intense experience, and from there on there was no point of return for me. The film turned out alright, but from a technical point of view, I would approach a shooting like this in a totally different way today. Still, for what I knew back then, it was acceptable. 

In all stages of my career, the learning curve has been steep and as professionals, we grow with each job. So there’s nothing to regret. The best experiences were the jobs when I actually failed and had to reset my plans – it’s always been a creative and technical battle. 

Which of your works is your favorite? And why? 

I have a few favorite projects, all of them were special in their own way. 

What is the biggest dream for your professional life? 

I moved to Asia in 2006 and that is when things became really interesting. Working within a totally foreign culture, I had to challenge myself everyday. That’s the best thing ever happen to me, I became a different person. What I would love to do is shooting a major feature film, in order to collaborate with like-minded people that all want to shoot projects from the heart. 

The goal is to refine the craft, to shape my skills and constantly adapt to new technical inventions which is an ongoing challenge. Also, I would like to continue travelling to far out places, see and feel more of our wonderful earth. I am very grateful and lucky to have a life like this. 

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