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Not every country and region is affected by a complete lockdown due to Corona, small-scaled studio shoots are still possible in some cases. Just before the official contact ban, we did our last shoot under strict hygiene measures ourselves. Based on our own experiences and further professional sources, we have compiled a checklist to ensure you can shoot under certain conditions - despite Covid-19 currently turning our lives upside down. CLICK HERE

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Why are we posting a blog article about Japan right now? In summer 2020 the Olympic Games will take place in Japan. That's why many will be filming on location this year, whether it's TV documentaries or commercials. In preparation, during and after the Games, Japan will be the hot topic! CLICK HERE

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Why Thailand? It is one of the most film-friendly countries in the world! From classic films like ‘The Deer Hunter’ and ‘The Killing Fields’ to blockbuster hits like ‘The Hangover – Part II’, Thailand has proven itself time and again as a favourite location for international filmmakers. Directors such as Werner Herzog, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Wong Kar-Wai, Luc Besson, Michael Cimino and George Lucas have created some of their best works in Thailand. Whether scenes like jungle wars, beach paradises, rural life in breathtaking mountain scenery or even hectic city life, Thailand can provide the backdrop to bring a filmmaker’s vision to life. CLICK HERE

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Hi everyone, we are more than happy to announce the launch of our business in the Asian and European market! yolo films is a specialist in film production and servicing based in Germany. CLICK HERE

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Dear friends and partners, we hope you've had a good first quarter in 2018, just like us! If you are planning projects in Europe, we have a goodie for you: In this edition of our newsletter, we are taking a look at the Benelux countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. CLICK HERE