January 26, 2020

Michael and Mathias Jener

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DoP & Director: Mathias and Michael Jener

When did you discover your passion for film? And what was the trigger?

Working as a duo ever since, we’ve been fascinated by capturing images from a young age. When we went on a trip to Barcelona, we decided to videotape our journey for fun. Back home, we couldn’t wait to edit everything we had captured. It took us six weeks to finish editing since we were total beginners – but once it was done we both realized how passionate we were about it. We then traveled to the south of France, solely to record again. It was amazing how we were able to bring life to the footage we were capturing. The combination of motion picture and rhythm is what eventually triggered us and became our passion.

When did you realize that you want to be a DoP and become a Director? 

We always worked for free and just posted our stuff for fun on social media. A friend of ours saw our work and asked if we would like to produce a film for Bosch. We had never done any project in this magnitude but were sure we could complete the task. We were successful and both realized that we could take our talent to the next level: directing.

Can you describe your first project? How did it go? And what would you do different now?

Our first professional project was the one for Bosch in 2015 where we especially learned how to serve other people’s ideas. It was intense due to the fact that to that point, it was just the two of us when shooting freelance work. Suddenly, we had a crew of 10 members and were working with a famous actor. We were nervous not knowing if the client would be happy with our work. But that was the case and the client started recommending us for other work. 

Which of your works is your favorite? And why?

Our favorite case is the freelance work we did for Benjamin Rayher who is both an artist and a triathlete, a project we took on because we were fans. We had time for trial and error and tried different tactics, searching for our niche. It took us one full year to finish – but this work became the biggest learning lesson for us no man can teach.

What is the biggest dream for your professional life?

Our biggest dream is definitely to shoot visuals, for big clients and the big names, that will be remembered and inspire other people. 

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