April 6, 2020


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Not every country and region is affected by a complete lockdown due to Corona, small-scaled studio shoots are still possible in some cases. Just before the official contact ban, we did our last shoot under strict hygiene measures ourselves. Based on our own experiences and further professional sources, we have compiled a checklist to ensure you can shoot under certain conditions – despite Covid-19 currently turning our lives upside down. 

1) Key rule and relevant to every party involved such as clients and agencies:  Reduce the team to a minimum!

Ban all persons from the set, who usually tend to just stand around. Set up a remote so people from the office or home office can connect and see what’s happening on set.

2) Wash your hands, wash your hands and… wash your hands! ?

  • Make sure that a sink with warm water is accessible without having to open doors!
  • Wash your hands for 2 minutes with warm water and soap!
  • Provide hand disinfectant!
  • Always provide disposable paper towels!

3) Be clear and direct: Don’t hesitate to regularly sensitize everyone on the set to wash hands in between and not touch your face. Especially people in contact with technical equipment must wear gloves. ?

4) Keep distance – we recommend 2 meters to be safe. If this is not possible, always work with a protective mask and replace it with a fresh one every 2 hours. ?

5) Corona Catering rules ?: 

  • Person in charge must wear gloves when preparing the catering 
  • Disposable cutlery is not necessary if it has been rinsed sufficiently hot 
  • Each spoon, fork and knife must be laid out individually and at a distance (no containers!)
  • Less ecological, but necessary in this situation: individually packed snacks
  • Bananas layed out one by one, at a distance
  • Absolute NO GO: the Haribo bow!

6) Stay fresh: Ventilate the studio regularly to reduce germs in the air! ?

7) Relax, but don’t cuddle: Make sure there is enough seating, respecting the 2m distance order. The sofa is a taboo these days and should be ideally removed from the studio! ?️

8) Coughing or sneezing forbidden – and if unavoidable, use your elbow! And remember to always turn away from other people or take a few steps aside, if possible. ?

9) Speak up: Have the courage to ask colleagues to respect the measures if they do not follow. We are all human and might forget about it once in a while. Usually everyone is aware of the situation we are in – and will be thankful for a friendly reminder. ?

10) Ideally, each participant should take a corona test before shooting. If you already have respective symptoms, stay home! ?

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