March 27, 2020

Andrey Serbin

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Director: Andrey Serbin

Born and raised in Ukraine, Andrey Serbin’s path led to being an editor and DOP as soon as he moved to Kyiv, the country’s capital. Soon, when exploring the working field of a director, he realised that there might be further development stages to wait for him and shape his career. Find out which project marked the start of his professional success and why his future goals go beyond his own projects.

 When did you discover your passion for film? And what was the trigger?

When I was a teenager, I started parcouring and it pushed me to take my camera. I filmed, directed and mounted videos of our team. It was a turning point in my life. I am grateful for the time when I clearly realized what my life was all about and where my path would lead.

When did you realize that you want to be a director?

When I moved to Kyiv, I was editing and worked as a DOP. A few years later I realized that being a DOP is not the limit of my possibilities and not my main goal either – so I continued to develop further as a director and editor.

Can you describe your first project? How did it go? And what would you do different now?

My first project was at Fashion Week. I made a film about a designer and his new collection. It was a cool project and I did my best – which is the only way to achieve anything! To myself at the time, I would advise to be less afraid, more determined and more confident! But in fact, I knew that the film would be cool and stylish!

Which of your works is your favorite? And why?

My most successful and coolest project at the moment is Favourite Sport, although there was a lot of post-production and it was not easy to shoot. But we worked as a big team, and I played several roles at once (I was director and editor!). It was a cool experience to demonstrate my entire skillset.

What is the biggest dream for your professional life?

I dream of being part of the people who move the film industry world forward. To be one of those who set the style and dynamics of the film industry. To be part of a team of world-class professionals.

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