January 26, 2020

Alexandre Pluquet

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Alexandre Pluquet/Director

 When did you discover your passion for film? And what was the trigger? 

When I was young, my whole life revolved around music. I practiced instruments like the guitar, the saxophone, the piano and percussion and spent a lot of time in a music school in my town where I played in a band and the symphonic orchestra. And when I played, I always imagined pictures in my mind, like a spiritual journey. Playing music was like a way to tell a story. And it offered me a fabulous process to develop my imagination. 

A little later at school, I discovered the work of artists like Gaspard Noé, JL Godard, Bunuel, David Fincher, Michael Mann, Ridley Scott and Wong Kar-Wai. For the first time, I was able to view films as a powerful way to express myself. And as a viewer, a powerful way to evoke reflection and shift perception. This was where my deep passion for both watching and making movies began. This feeling has remained with me ever since! 

When did you realize that you want to be a director? 

When I discovered the magic of making movies, I didn’t set out to be a director: I just wanted to create and explore film. For many years, I worked on opening titles for feature films and series or as an art director for commercials. This was a really great opportunity for me as feature film directors and producers offered me the possibility to express my own vision and feelings through the movie, without constraints. 

These experiences helped me to develop a trust in myself as well as my creative vision and to define my own style. After a while of working on different productions, I became curious about the rest of the creative process for other parts of the movie, and wanted to tell stories. So being a director became a natural transition. 

Can you describe your first project? How did it go? And what would you do different now? 

My first professional project as a Director was a music video for a famous french singer. It was a collaboration with two other colleagues and our idea won the project. 

It was my first time to work on a professional set which was both a really exciting and challenging experience. As a first-time director I had to manage teams and lead the project which reflected in a learning curve. Maybe the film is not perfect and I would make it differently now, but it’s like a finger print of my creative period. Above all, it confirmed my desire to become a director… 

Which of your works is your favorite? And why? 

It’s difficult to choose one of my movies particularly because all was interesting at their period. Some for the great challenge they had, other for the success they gave me, or for the human experience they’ve brought me. But they all have something in common: the pleasure to create movies with passion and creativity. 

What is the biggest dream for your professional life? 

My biggest dream actually is the realization of some personal projects. I hope I will be able to do so in a nearer future. 

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